Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Geckos of Western Australia

Since moving to Perth, Western Australia, my reptile list has blossomed nicely. Geckos are a particular favourite family of mine, and 8 of the 12 species I have seen here have been new. Fortunately I've been able to work in some intersting places, and was able to observe some unique species. Additional species I have seen, but not photographed, are Christinus marmoratus, Diplodactylus pulcher, Gehyra punctata and Rhychoedura ornata.
Fat-tailed Gecko (Diplodactylus conspicillatus), Jack Hills, Sep 2009

Sand-plain Gecko (Lucasium stenodactylum), Jack Hills, Sep 2009

Banded Knob-tailed Gecko (Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus), Robinson Range, Nov 2009

Lucasium wombeyi, Robinson Range, Nov 2009

Western Stone Gecko (Diplodactylus granariensis rex), Robinson Range, Nov 2009

Thick-tailed Gecko (Underwoodisaurus milii), Darling Ranges, Oct 2009

Tree Dtella (Gehyra variegata), Darling Ranges, Oct 2009

Clawless Gecko (Crenadactylus ocellatus ocellatus), Darling Ranges, Oct 2009

Soft Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus spinigerus), Cervantes, Dec 2009

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